Why Byndd?

A web predicated solutions, Byndd is facile to implement, enhances organizational efficiency and facilitates optimum utilization of resources. The HRMS software dispenses comprehensive facilities and fosters productivity by promoting individual responsibility and team collaboration.
With Byndd, you can seek to improve every aspect of your business: workflow, controlling, staffing and payroll.

Depend on Byndd’s user-friendly navigation, tailor-made dashboard to automate tasks effortlessly. Eliminate dependence on Excel sheet, reduce mail frequency, and enhance software adoption. Developed to scale, Byndd offers perfect HRMS solutions for small, mid-size and large companies extending to 1000 employees.

By utilizing the Byndd software, you can manage attendance and time for your team, daily jobs and assigned tasks. Through our HRMS software, employees can punch in their attendance through in and out or via web browser, mobile. Using Byndd, you can capture employee work hours, activity and track projects accurately using timesheets. So, whether you are running a consulting firm, a tech start-up or a local restaurant, Byndd can assist you with attendance, payroll, and productivity.

Our Vision

  • To provide optimum added value to our customers and together with them achieve growth.
  • To create sustainable shareholder value through business growth.
  • To provide a challenging and professionally rewarding work environment for our dedicated employees

Security features

Byndd allows secure migration from other software to its platform.

Highly intuitive and secure mobile app and web portal for hassle free access.

Role based security support for companies having offices in multiple locations.

Configured to meet the security needs of organization via direct support between organization and Byndd.

Highly robust and flexible cloud and on-premise functionality with open source code access.

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